About Fuzzypig Books

Fuzzypig Books is a new children's publishing company, based in Dorset. We have a number of children's picture books that will be available Spring 2018.

A Magic Smell for a Marrow

Our authors and illustrators:



Liz Poulain - authorLiz Bennett is the founder of Fuzzypig Books. She has worked in book publishing, editing and design for the whole of her adult life, and has published hundreds of books covering subjects as diverse as poetry, children's stories, KS2 guides, and how to make a coffee table out of a car engine. She has illustrated books of poetry and prose for Dorset writers, provided visual aids for a local charity's SEN workbook, and has sold her prints and cards locally and internationally. She has three nearly-grown-up children, two mischievous cats and a soppy dog. She signs her work Liz Poulain. You can see more of Liz's art here.


Sue Worth - authorSue Worth is an award-winning poet, author and performer. Her story Scuz Williams and the Giant Amazonian Squiggle Worms won a story-writing competition judged by children. She has many other stories up her sleeve, tested, over many years, on the children of Damers Road School, Dorchester, so expect to see more of her writing in print soon. Sue and Liz have just published a collection of her poems about Dorset life and people: The Cows Who Played Bingo ISBN 978-0-9551633-4-0, available from Waterstones.

Here is Sue, along with Liz, being interviewed by Jenny Devitt for a leading Dorset radio station. (Extract from Local World, Abbey 104, courtesy Jenny Devitt)


Jack Elwin - authorJack Elwin (1931-2012) wrote stories for children, poetry, three novels based around Dorset during the Civil War, and a collection of short biographies of historical figures associated with Portesham, Dorset. He was also an accomplished artist and actor. In 2011, He and Liz (his daughter) discussed illustrating and publishing his story A Magic Smell for a Marrow, but it's taken until now to create the finished book. The story entertained all ten of his grandchildren, and the school children of Portesham and the surrounding area for many years, so we hope it will entertain you, too.